Problems lead to innovation.  Even the major air carriers are operating at less than 50% of their original capacities. Airlines are constantly tapping on a growing nostalgia for flying to make money during the pandemic. But as it is said, “Where there is a will, there is a way”. Thai Airways has come up with a unique idea amidst these difficult times when people are fearful of undertaking air travel.  The catering manager for the national carrier, Varangkana Luerojvong, mentioned that the idea struck in view of the fact that most of the aircraft are still grounded. So it was a good idea to recoup some of the lost revenue.

Now, air travel lovers can fulfill their desire of experiencing food that they used to enjoy in the air in the past by visiting this unique cafe in Thailand.

The Entrance

Actual Stewardesses serving the customers at the ‘Flying Cafe’Thai Airways international has launched a plane-themed restaurant at its Bangkok Headquarters where customers can sit in a cabin-style seating and enjoy meals served in plastic trays. The pop-up is currently serving out 2,000 meals per day. The idea is fun and interesting. The current demand apparently seems to last from short to medium term, till the time the airline is not completely back to its normal operations. The idea is also good for those carriers who do not earn much revenues from domestic travel. Singapore Airlines is one such example in present days.

Decked out with spare plane parts, spare airline seats, and spare cabin crew, the flight attendants mingles with the ‘passengers’ who are now guests at this Flying Cafe.

Inflight Meal on Ground

Aircraft Engine Parts with Glass Tops are being  used as tables






While different airlines are trying to pivot to gain their lost revenues,  Thai Airways has actually made it by pivoting the carrier in some direction; by offering travel starved people a taste of in-flight dining courtesy at a restaurant that is serving plane food to mimic the inflight experience.  I personally believe in the utilization of resources under all kinds of circumstances. Because it is not only about regaining the lost revenue. It is about bringing back life to the people who are so much eager to be back in the air. I call it Ingenuity! So do visit this place if you are an eager air traveler and happen to be in Thailand.


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