Pakistan International Airlines is the foremost and pioneer full-service provider in the airline industry of Pakistan. After partition, PIA was among the country’s sectors, which helped the nation rise with grace. Owe to its universal characteristics and utmost dedicated services, it used to be Pakistan’s real pride. That’s the reason people used to fly with it both on national and international routes. However, with time, PIA suffered from a massive decline in its features and reputation. And now, in a highly competitive market, this national flag carrier of Pakistan no more stands as its pride.

Matchless Features of PIA

Despite all the unfavorable tags PIA carries, it is still the legacy airline of Pakistan. On behalf of the following parameters, PIA still enjoys all those perks for which private airlines struggle to obtain:-

Largest Fleet

PIA has Pakistan’s largest fleet with 26 aircraft. Its fleet comprises both narrow-bodied and wide-bodied aircraft capable of carrying passengers, mails, and cargo. Furthermore, it possesses a dual-type fleet from both Airbus and Boeing families. The need is to update these aircraft as per today’s requirements and standards. By incorporating modish techniques, PIA can soar again with the help of its multi-typed aircraft.

PIA Boeing 777 - Pakistan International Airlines

Access to Multi International Destinations

PIA has an expanded network that serves both domestic and international routes around the globe. It operates on such domestic routes, which other competitors do not consider. Additionally, it is the only airline of Pakistan that owns grants and approvals of multi-international destinations worldwide. Although the US and UK have banned it due to certain safety concerns, yet the possession of ample approvals shows its magnitude of reliance. By inserting distilled standards of safety, PIA can win its grace back. Most of the PIA’s destinations where they used to fly in past are still operated with a codeshare partnership with foreign airlines such as Turkish Airlines and Etihad Airlines.

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Multi-Talented Crew of PIA

PIA has always been famous for its multi-talented and diligent crew. The pilots owned by PIA are capable of performing extreme jobs during different phases of flight. They are proficient and well-equipped with the required knowledge, skills, and attitude to perform their respective targets. Similarly, the ground crew proves to be cooperative in most of the cases. Hence, through practicing advanced CRM training and acquiring professionalism, PIA can increase its yield to a magnificent level.

National Flag Carrier

PIA is a state-owned airline which gives them an edge over any private airline. PIA has not reported profits since 2006. The airline is under series of losses and foreign debt. Every now and then to keep the airline flying the government releases a bailout package. A recent bailout to PIA was given in 2019 of nearly 17 billion Pakistan rupees to pay off its circulating debts and to pay the salaries of its workers. Despite the COVID-19 situation, the airline has faced massive losses. Border closures, travel restrictions have nearly killed the business.

Although PIA has lost an enormous part of its glory due to the unfortunate happenings, yet being a national flag carrier, it still reigns over its followers’ hearts. The people of Pakistan are very well-known that the influence of politics has devastated this airline. Besides that, a commercial airline’s mismanagement through ruling militarily has badly impacted its image. Still then, when it comes to flying, patriotism wins over any other luxury. Some people still wish to celebrate the prestige of their national flag carrier. Therefore, PIA can reach its verge of eminence by retaining its customers through providing those services on behalf of which it used to be the great people to fly with.


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