Rolls-Royce has attained the achievement of single-digit numbers of grounded Boeing 787 aircraft by fixing durability problems with the Trent 1000 engine. The company has successfully reached the point where no Boeing 787  (AOG) is now facing Trent 1000 durability-linked issues.

Ultimate Success Reflects Countless Efforts

In a move to attain this target, the company has acquired plenty of measures. They majorly include fruitful technical solutions along with ample availability of extra engines at the operator level. The later measure will allow airline swapping of the faulty engines with functional ones to maintain flight schedules.

Rolls-Royce Deployed Fast Track Basis

To improve the Trent 1000’s in-service durability, Rolls-Royce has discovered the solutions on a “fast track basis”. It has delivered an intermediate pressure turbine blade to nearly 99% of the flying fleet. Engineers are fitting Trent 1000 TEN and package C engines with re-modified intermediate pressure compressor blades. Rolls-Royce will meet this demand for the package B engines soon, while it will be completing the Trent 1000 TEN and Package C blade roll program till the end of the next year. Furthermore, it has upgraded almost 50 percent of the fleet to the improved high-pressure turbine blades for the package B and C engines.

Librestream’s Digital Visualization Technology

Lately, Rolls-Royce has used Librestream’s digital visualization technology to train airline technicians to conduct certain Trent 1000 inspections. The program nullifies the need for any particular technician to inspect the Rolls-Royce Derby facility for training. This virtual system assisted a number of customers to reduce AOGs. The company hopes this service will allow customers to carry out other engine inspections. In this way, Librestream will offer more operational flexibility to airlines.

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Trent 1000 Issues Impacted Rolls-Royce Badly

“Indeed, Trent 1000 issues caused drastic disruption to our customers and we have been immensely focused on throwing light to these issues,” said Chris Cholerton, Rolls-Royce President of Civil Aerospace. We profoundly regard the way our customers cooperated with us despite facing troubles for a long time. To us attaining the target of zero AOGs is a significant milepost and we are extremely focused to support our customers in getting out of the impact of COVID-19. In this regard we will help them in returning and maintaining upgraded aircraft to service,” he continued.

Picture Credit: Aviation Business News

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