A Boeing 737 operated bNo photo description available.y Sriwijaya Airlines bearing registration PK-CLC operating flight SJ-182 from Jakarta to Pontianak Indonesia crashed shortly after takeoff 11 miles north of Sokarno International Airport over the Java Sea. There were 62 souls on board including 56 passengers and 6 crew. The aircraft is still missing and a search operation has been initiated. Debris and parts of the fuselage were located in waters about 15 meters depth near Lancang Island.
The airport confirmed that radar and radio contact was lost with the flight. Data is being analyzed further clarifications are expected from the Ministry of Transport. The airline so far has not given any statement.

Residents of the islands nearby were out on the sea in two boats when they heard explosions. One of the boats came back to report at the local police station and the other boat is still at the site holding position as a beacon.

“According to ADS-B data the aircraft had departed Sokarno’s runway 25R at 07:36Z, was climbing through 10,600 feet at 284 knots over the ground at 07:39:50Z about 11nm north of Sokarno Airport and was at 07:40:11Z at 1400 feet at 307 knots over the ground about 1.6nm north-northeast of that position (average sink rate 26,300 fpm)”

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