Urban Air Mobility (UAM)

What if we told you, that you can get from the city center to the airport in a matter of minutes? No traffic jams or detours, just a breathtaking view to enjoy. This is how the new experience will be. The concept of air mobility had been on the design sketches for quite a while. The time has finally come.  Volocopter, the German pioneer of Urban Air Mobility is all set to make flying an integral part of your urban life. Commercial flights are expected to be launched in 2022.

Volocity passenger air taxi is certified for air travel. It can transport you quietly, safely, emissions-free and faster to your destination than any other means of urban of transport. The concept of living has changed. With the sky rise buildings everywhere, the only transport remains on the ground.  As the cities will reach to their capacity limits, future mobility will be managed in a new direction: “Upwards”.

As Simple as Looking for Uber!

It is the vision of the company to develop a holistic Urban Air Mobility ecosystem by organizing every step from booking to landing. The VoloPorts will connect important urban hubs just like subway stations. The users can easily book and track their flights through the Volocopter application. Aside from its battery-powered air taxi services, the company is also planning things like VoloDrone for transporting goods, and VoloPort, take-off, and landing infrastructure for inner-cities.

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The VoloCity will become the first commercially licensed Volocopter; developed according to the high standards and requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The intensive testing program has shaped the innovative design and outstanding overall performance of the VoloCity. Quiet, safe, and comfortable. Volocity is the precedence of real-time Urban Air Mobility concepts for the future.

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